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This site has a lot to do with learning how to read your own or others' astrological charts

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The site can be naviagated through the menus a topic at-a-time, or used as reference.

Keith Burke

Most of the content of this site is from his teaching materials which he's agreed to let me use.

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Thanks for all the visits! August 5th, Added the beta Astro-Widget

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Welcome to the House of Horoscopes

This website has been designed for the modern astrology student, as a means of establishing guidelines for approaching a natal or birth horoscope in a psychological manner. Each consecutive section builds upon the principles introduced in previous sections, developing a focused analytical structure for approaching an astrological horoscope.

Astrology is a reflection of our reality, both as individuals and as a culture. Astrology is not a straightjacket, limiting us to our Fate. Rather, the foundation of horoscope analysis is dynamic; our astrology changes and grows in sophistication as we change and grow in our understanding of the world and ourselves. Astrology is a symbolic language of personal and mundane experience that, in the hands of a skilled analyst, accurately identifies primary needs and motivations.

The true art of horoscope interpretation emerges from the synthesis of structured analysis and the ability to make the creative connections that link astrology’s measurements to our reality. The astrologer must be able to use the horoscope to identify primary needs and motivations, and understand how they are manifesting in an individual life, carved by a set of circumstances and the decisions that have been made up to this point.

New Flash Interactive Astrology Widget in Progress

I have been working on a new Astrology Widget for the site. You can see an early version here.