represent the primary manner in which we express and experience life

Memorizing Signs

It's easier to memorize the elements and modes and the signs they go in, then to memorize each sign's influence.


People with the same sun sign elements understand why each other do things the way they do.

fire imagery


Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Fire signs are incredibly receptive to personal experience. Like a forest fire leaping from tree to tree, Fire signs tend to leap forward in an all-consuming hunger for activity as fuel. Like candlelight in a darkened room, Fire signs are always reaching for what is illuminated just out of reach. Fire primarily experiences life as a possibility or potential. They are motivated by their own inner world. They seem to approach life as a myth or a story in which they are the central characters; thus it tends to be extremely important for Fire to experience life in dramatic fashion. That's where they find meaning.

Key Words

Intuition/Potential and Personal Experience/Recognition

Lack of Fire Element

Difficulty with self-motivation, enthusiasm, inspiration.