represent the primary manner in which we express and experience life

Memorizing Signs

It's easier to memorize the elements and modes and the signs they go in, then to memorize each sign's influence.


People with the same sun sign elements understand why each other do things the way they do.

water imagery


Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

The primary means of experience for Water does not correlate easily with structure, logic, or reason. The Water Element primarily experiences life through subconscious perception. They feel the underlying form - the primal soup from which reality is created.

Water is primarily motivated to find a way to contain their deep emotion. There are no fine distinctions within the Water feeling function; instead, the emotional process is a constant, flowing, ever-changing sea. Since the feeling function is primarily outside of conscious perception, Water needs constant stimulation, often in the form of relationships, in order to establish perspective.

Key Words

Emotion/Responsiveness and Instinctual Depth

Lack of Earth Element

Difficulty grasping emotional meaning or emotional values. Often times there is identification with a very large spiritual or emotional concept, or some unusual outreach to the world to establish meaning.