represent the primary manner in which we express and experience life

Memorizing Signs

It's easier to memorize the elements and modes and the signs they go in, then to memorize each sign's influence.


People with the same sun sign elements understand why each other do things the way they do.

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Introducing the Elements

Each Sign in astrology belongs to an Element. There are four elements and each element consists of three signs. The elements can be understood as vital energies that underlie all experience. They are the foundation of astrology. To understand the practice of psychological astrology, we must approach the base level of behavior; and that is in the level of orientation, perception, and awareness. Although it may seem a rather sweeping generalization to assert that the four elements have such a complete and encompassing scope, this is an ancient and well-established manner of approaching life experience.

Referred to variously as ‘temperaments’, ‘dispositions’, ‘character elements’ and other terms, the elements have long been understood to influence behavior and perception. Through most of human history it has been assumed that people come in four basic personality types. Many cultures throughout the world include the four elements in their philosophical, religious, and mythological traditions. The great Greek physician Hippocrates’ treatment of the elements in relation to health formed the cornerstone of the ancient practice of medicine. Hippocrates named the four elements or temperaments "Melancholic, "Sanguine", "Choleric", and "Phlegmatic".

In psychological astrology, the elements are best understood as representing the primary manner in which we express and experience life. Each Element represents a basic type of energy or consciousness -- the ability to tune in to specific type of life experience. As we will discuss on this website, there is a balance of yin/yang energy typified by the elements, an energy consideration that will play a large role in our understanding of all of the symbols in astrology.

The Elements are one of the basic building blocks of a horoscope. While all four elements are represented in every horoscope, each person is consciously more attuned to some types of energy than others. Often times particular elements will be strongly emphasized in a horoscope and those elemental qualities will dominate behavior. When an individual horoscope is severely lacking in a particular element, there will tend to be difficulty expressing those elemental characteristics.