represent the primary manner in which we express and experience life

Memorizing Signs

It's easier to memorize the elements and modes and the signs they go in, then to memorize each sign's influence.


People with the same sun sign elements understand why each other do things the way they do.

graphical zodiac

Introducing the Houses

Our modern, psychological approach to the horoscope never loses sight of the fact that today’s astrology is a powerful tool. Using the horoscope as our map, we are able to assist in developing a more conscious understanding of the deeper meaning that underlies all individual experience. Astrology’s promise is that through learned, practical application and analysis of the horoscope, individuals will have a greater understanding of their potentials and a clearer realization of how to fulfill both their essential individuality and their destiny – their place and function in the universe.

Psychological astrology is centered upon the individual life; its basic concern is the development of the individual person – development of consciousness and emotional expression, as well as development of environmental influence and social roles. This modern astrological approach is a reflection of the radical change in perspective, both psychologically and culturally, that promises today’s individual an enormous amount of choice and free will. Ancient astrology is understood to have been far more fate driven.

This is primarily because the horoscope and its application must fit the reality of the individual to whom it refers. For most of history, including the not-so-distant past, the environment that people were born into did not allow for much latitude in life decision-making. In so many ways, culture, social class, and gender did impart a strong sense of fate and limit to potential development.

That is not as true in today’s world. Modern astrology recognizes its effectiveness as a tool, a framework of reference that enables consciousness and promotes management of one's life. With our exploration of the Houses, we will take our first step into bringing the basics of astrological symbolism into dynamic synthesis and begin to apply the horoscope to an individual’s reality.