represent the primary manner in which we express and experience life

Memorizing Signs

It's easier to memorize the elements and modes and the signs they go in, then to memorize each sign's influence.


People with the same sun sign elements understand why each other do things the way they do.

graphical zodiac

Introducing the Planets

We have already begun our exploration of the Planets in the preceding chapter, when we introduced the concept of the Sun-Moon blend. The Sun and the Moon are not actually planets and early astrologers often referred to the Sun and Moon as “lights”. But, for expediency of discussion and analysis, modern astrologers simply refer to the Sun and Moon as planets. The Sun and Moon are the two most important planets. The remaining planets are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

A planet is best understood as a focal point of behavior and/or psychological processes. In analysis, astrologers recognize that every conceivable human process can be understood in a symbolic or archetypal fashion through its association with a particular planet. Thinking, for example, is represented by the planet Mercury. Aggressiveness is associated with Mars. All ten planets represent manners of human behavior and consciousness. The planets can be grouped into three categories: the personal planets, the boundary planets, and the outer planets.

Personal Planets

The personal planets represent the behaviors and psychological processes that form basic consciousness. Basic consciousness is not necessarily awareness. The personal planets are expressed at a primal level, fulfilling our basic needs and characterizing our elementary social interactions. The sign that a planet is placed in is extremely important. The sign in which it is placed will color each of the planets' meaning.

The personal planets can be easily understood as consecutive layers of Yin and Yang energy. Yin energy represents internal or receiving energy; Yang energy represents external or outward expressive energy. The Sun and Moon are grouped together to represent our identity or internal sense of self; they symbolize the primary means in which we process experience. Venus and Mars are representative of our social interaction or relationships; how we reach out and interact with others. Mercury is the bridge that processes the interaction of individual and society, encompassing aspects of both internal and external processes.